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Behind the Music: RollerCoaster

Updated: Apr 27, 2023


Released on August 20th, 2022

"RollerCoaster" was a song that was just meant to be for this upcoming album. It has this raw energy to it that is very laid back in nature but also very in-your-face at the same time. I think that truly shows the feeling behind this track (lost, sad, angry, and confused).

This song started out as only a guitar track. I was over a friends house, and we were watching the new "The Batman" movie. A very recognizable part of the movie is the very somber track "Something in the Way" by Nirvana. Being a fan of 90s music and the whole grunge scene, I always loved the guitar tracks from Kurt. My friend had built a guitar in a woodshop class, so I picked it up and tuned it to how this Nirvana song was played. Not being familiar with any other guitar tuning, I messed around and accidentally laid out the groundwork that would be for our band's second single.

I played Nick the recording on my phone with some hesitation, but we needed fresh ideas for songs we were starting to develop. He ultimately felt the vibe I was going for and helped lay down the accompanying bass and drums (as he usually does). I had no sense of direction for how I wanted this album to sound. I knew for this song though that it was shaping up to be how a lot of my older, personal music used to sound like, pop punk. It was refreshing to go back to writing in this familiar style since I have strayed away from it.

There was many different titles thrown in the air for "RollerCoaster", such as Where Were You and The Hardest Pill to Swallow. I found as time went on that RollerCoaster fit as a way to describe the emotions of a rough breakup. I think it gives a close feeling for a lot of people that have gone through heartbreak. It speaks of the constant struggle to push away when all you want to do is go back to this person that you thought would be there no matter what. The opening phrase "Where were you when all of this started going right in my life?" was a way for me to express that there are those that don't stick around through your struggles long enough to see you succeed. I feel that's a harsh reality nowadays because being there "through thick and thin" isn't looked at highly.

Ultimately, the bridge was a way to show that you have to continue on in your life and be the bigger person. It tells us that we are destined to be the best person we can be through this hardship and that the other person was meant to leave you in the dust. Know your worth always and let God lead you to where you need to be. Sometimes the things we want most aren't always what we need most when we think we need them. The right person or opportunity will show its light not on your terms, but when you least expect it. Stay strong through all that you endure and know that there is someone out there that truly loves and there are people always by your side that care about your best interests.

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